Sung by: John Harrell
Recorded in Marshall, AR 6/14/63

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Chorus: Johnny Booger, Johnny Booger,
Won't you help this nigger?
Won't you do, oh do, oh do.

Drove my steers to the foot of the hill,
And there they stopped, and they stood right still.


Popped my whip and it brought the blood
That made those red buck split the mud.


Alone come a driver, driving by . . .

(Mr. Harrell: "Now, how was that, Mary Frances?"
Mary Frances: "That's the one that we didn't ever know."
Mr. Harrell: "No, that's where I took off, ain't it?"
Mary Frances: "Now, there's one, 'I put my shoulder to the wheel.'")

Put my shoulder 'gainst the wheel;
In the mud I stuck my heel.


(Dr. Wolf: "That's good."
Mr. Harrell: "Well, that's as far as I can go."
??: "And then the passerby was the next verse . . ."
Mr. Harrell: "Yeah, but I can't . . . Yeah . . ."
??: "But he couldn't remember that last.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #268, "Mister Booger."

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