Sung by: Lowell Harness
Recorded in Pangburn, AR 7/29/63

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Oh, the preacher went out hunting;
Was on one Sunday morn.
It was ‘gainst his religion,
But he carried his gun along.
He killed himself a mighty fine quail,
And one big . . . hare,
And on his way returning home,
He met a great big grizzly bear.

The bear marched out in the middle of the road,
And the coon kept a-coming, you see.
He got so excited
That he climbed a ‘simmon tree,
But about that time the limb let go,
And the coon come a-tumbling down.

Hit the ground a-cutting right and left;
He put up a bravely fight.
But about that time, the bear, he squeezed
The coon just a little too tight,
Well, he cast his eyes to the Lord in the skies,
And these words he said to Him:

“You delivered Jonah from the belly of the whale and then
Three Hebrew children from a fiery furnace,
So the Good Book do declare.
Now, good Lord, if you don’t help me,
Don’t you help that grizzly bear.”

(Harness: “I don’t know. Maybe that would give somebody else a good idea or something . . .”)

Also found in Brown, Vol. III, #425.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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