Sung by: Billy Griffith
Recorded at the Leslie Homecoming, 6/13/63

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I’m just a damn Yankee, way down in the South.
I love to kiss Southern belles in the mouth.
I laugh when they say all damn Yankees so bad.
Nobody knows I’m a damn Yankee lad.

When I found old Sherman had left me behind,
A very strange notion came into my mind.
I dressed up in gray, and I made up a . . .
And went on my damn Yankee way to Mobile.

Chorus: I’m having fun like I ain’t never had;
Nobody knows I’m a damn Yankee lad.

Not far from Atlanta, I heard people say
Old Sherman had taken the food all away.
‘Twas there that I smiled on a lovely madam,
Who fed me on honey and peaches and ham.

I stopped and they fed me and got in a tight,
Where six widows claimed me, and had a big fight.
I had to be slick as a slippery eel,
And went on my damn Yankee way to Mobile.


I’ve raised a big family of girls and young men.
They swear the damn Yankees are all full of sin.
They’ll call you a liar if you say their Dad
Marched to Mobile as a damn Yankee lad.

When I get so old that I’m ready to die,
I’ll put on my uniform, blue as the sky.
They’ll march ‘round my coffin, and won’t they get mad
When they learn that I was a damn Yankee lad.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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