Sung by: Mrs. Tom Goforth
Recorded in Pfeiffer, AR
(Rt. 2, Batesville, AR), 7/18/52

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Do you hear my mournful story?
All my friends are dead and gone.
Father I have none, or Mother.
In this world I'm left alone.

Mother said to me when dying,
And her voice was almost gone,
"Dearest daughter, you will soon be
A poor orphan left alone.

"Take this Bible to your closet;
Kneel and pray both night and day.
Seek protection in your savior,
And no more be left alone."

Ofttimes I have walked the graveyard,
Praying for the time to come
When I might be laid beside her,
And no more be left alone.

Jesus watches, tends the orphans
When they have no other friends;
Seek protection in the savior,
And no more be left alone.

Also found in Brown, Vol. II, #152, "The Orphan"; Belden, p. 278, "The Orphan."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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