Sung by: Mrs. Hattie Gilmore and Mrs. Martha Huddleston
Recorded in Sulphur Rock, AR 8/17/59

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Lead up two, balance four, balance four, balance four.
Lead up two and a-balance four, all hands around.
Ladies to the right and gents to the left, gents to the left, gents to the left.
Ladies to the right and gents to the left, all hands around.

(Comment by ??: “Wish we knew the rest of it!”
??: “I do, too.”
??: “Well, there was eight couples. And then this first couple would go up to that couple . . . and they’ll lead up two and balance four. Balance is they’re just a-dancing all that time. And then they four hands around. And then they’ll dosey-do. And then four hands around. Then they lead up to the next couple, and that’s . . . I can’t think what they do there.”)

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