Sung by: Ollie Gilbert
Recorded in Mountain View, AR by George Fisher

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Come, all you western cowboys,
Bound on the sober land,
A story I will tell you,
While you around me stand.
I’m going to the wild west,
The bleak and stormy plain,
Where Indian or lead me (?);
I’ll never return again.

I’ve left my home and friends so true,
A many a parting tear.
My father following, saying, “My boy,
My boy, my boy, I fear.
May God protect and guide thee,
And never leave alone,
And bring my wandering boy back
To his own native home.

A little girl, so fond and true,
Set closely by my side.
She promised me so faithful
That she would be my bride.
I kissed away the tears that flowed,
A-filling my blue eyes.
I’ll never forget my darling girl,
Her mommy’s sweetest child.

Oh, sweetheart, dear sweetheart,
It’s for your sake alone
I’ve left my native country,
My parents and my home.
I’ve left my dear old mother
To weep and to moan,

To be a roving cowboy
And with the cattle roam.

I’ve tried those streets . . .
I know their portions well.
I’ve crossed the Rocky Mountains
Where many of a brave boy fell.
I’ve seen those western county
Where Indians cruel and wild.
I’ll never forget my darling girl;
I’ll love her ‘til I die.

Come, all you western cowboys
Bound on the sober land,
Come one and each and all of you;
I’ll take the parting hand.
I’m a-going to quit this wild west,
This bleak and stormy plain,
And bid farewell to cow driving,
And quit this western range.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #180, "Come All Ye Lonesome Cowboys."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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