Sung by: Mrs. Ollie Gilbert
Recorded in Timbo, AR 10/13/59

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Once I courted a lady beauty bride,
On her reflection placed my whole heart’s delight.
I courted her for love, and love I did obtain.
Why should any reason, a reason to complain.

I courted her not better than six months ago.
Then her parents came for to know.
They locked her up so closely, they kept her this whole year:
Never did I get one sight of my dear.

Once or twice a day to her window I would go
To see if my love had forsaken me or no.
Every time I went, she’d make me this reply:
“I love the boy that loves me; I’ll love him ‘till I die.”

Then to the war I resolved for to go,
To see if I could forget my love or no,
But when I got there, the army shone so bright,
The deepest of my thoughts was my whole heart’s delight.

Seven long years I served my king,
And after seven years returned home again.
Her Mama saw me coming; she wrung her hands and cried,
Saying, “My daughter loved you dearly, and for your sake she died.”

I stopped in a moment like a man had been slain.
The tears from my eyes fell like showers of rain.
“Oh, where is my true love, and how does she do?
If yonder be her grave, I wish I were there, too.”

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #86, “The Beauty, Beauty Bride”; Brown, Vol. II, #88, “Charming Beauty Bright.”

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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