Sung by: Mrs. Ollie Gilbert
Recorded in Timbo, AR 10/13/59

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There was a man in the state of Georgia,
And he did live to a high degree,
But he could never live contented
Until he taken a voyage on the sea.

He sailed east, and he sailed west,
And he sailed ‘til he came to the Turkish shore,
And there he was caught and put in prison.
No hopes of freedom any more.

The jailer had one only daughter,
And she was as fair as fair could be.
She stole the keys of her father’s prison,
Saying, “This Lord Batesman I’ll set free.

“Have you got a house, have you got land,
Have you got money to a high degree?
And will you give it to a lady
Who will from prison set you free?”

“Yes, I’ve got a house, and I’ve got land,
And I’ve got money to a high degree,
And I will give it to a lady
Who will from prison set me free.”

She taken him to her father’s cellar,
And there she treated him on wine so strong,
And every glass that she drank with him,
Saying, “Wish Lord Batesman were my own.”

She taken him to her father’s castle,
And there engaged a ship for him.
“Farewell, farewell, my own true lover;
I’m afraid we’ll never meet again.”

“Three long years we’ll make the bargain,
Three long years, and here’s my hand.
If you won’t court no other lady,
I'm sure I'll court no other man.”

Three long years had passed and over,
Three long years, just one two three.
“I’ll dress myself in my fine jewels,”
Saying, “This Lord Batesman I’ll go see.”

She sailed ‘til she came to Lord Batesman’s castle.
She knocked at the door ‘til she made it ring.
“Go out, go out, my poor old servant,
And see who’s there that will come in.”

“Here stands a lady at your door,
And she’s as fair as fair can be.
She wears enough jewelry ‘round her neck
To buy your bride Comridge Inn.”

“Oh, is this here Lord Batesman’s castle,
Or is he here or gone away?”
“Oh, yes, oh, yes, this is his castle.
He's just now brought his new bride in.”

“Go tell him to send me a slice of his bread,
And send me a glass of his wine so strong,
And ask him if he remembers the lady
Who set him free when he was bound.”

[Note: Mrs. Gilbert says “Comridge Inn” means “All her possessions.”]

Also found in Child, #53, “Young Beichan”; Randolph, Vol. I, #11, “Lord Bateman”; Brown, Vol. II, #14, “Young Beichan.”

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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