Sung by: Oscar Gilbert
Recorded in Timbo, AR 8/28/59

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Now, brother, let me tell you
What a hypocrite will do.
They'll come to my house
To talk about you.
They go to your house,
They talk about me.
And when they talks,
They talk mighty plain.
Sally, when you tell it,
Don't you call my name.
Soo, John, hallelujah.
Go preaching through the wilderness.

Some says a preacher,
He won't steal,
But I caught two
In my watermelon field,
A-preaching and a-praying,
A-talking all the time,
Eating out the inside,
Throwing away the rind.
Soo, John, hallelujah,
Go preaching through the wilderness.

Louisiana nigger . . .

(Mr. Gilbert: "That's all I got.")

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