Sung by: Mrs. Milbrey Finch
Recorded in Miller, AR, 6/25/53

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They say it is sinful to flirt;
They say my heart's made of stone.
They say I should speak to him kindly,
Then leave the poor boy alone.
They say he is only a boy;
Much older than I is he,
And if they would leave us alone,
I'm sure much happier we'd be.

How well I remember the night
He said he loved me better than life;
He called me his sweet one, his darling,
And asked me to be his wife.
"Oh, Willie," I said with a smile,
"I'm sorry, but I'll have to say no."
I gave him my hand for a while,
Then said, "Now you may go."

"Oh, Katie," he cried in distress,
"Is your heart really made of stone?"
And he took a white rose from my breast,
And left me there standing alone.
Next morning in the dawn bright and early,
They found him down by the old sawmill,
Floating there on the waters
Just at the foot of the hill.

His blue eyes were closed forever,
There on the waters at rest.
Beneath his pearly white teeth
Was the rose he took from my breast.
"Oh, Willie, my darling, come back;
I'll always be kind and true.
Oh, Willie, my darling, come back!
I'll always be loving to you."

Also found in Brown, Vol. II, #275, "They Say It is Sinful to Flirt."

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