Sung by: Graham Ferrill
Recorded on 6/22/63

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(Comment by Mr. Ferrill: "This ballad was taught to me by my father, Charles M. Ferrell, forty or more years ago, and he learned the ballad from his father, who was born in 1814.")

A gallant ship was sailing,
A-sailing o'er the sea.
The captain said unto his men,
"Gather around," said he.
"Our ship is doomed and sinking,
While just o'er the lea is land.
Now hoist the boats and pull for shore,
While I on the ship will stand.
You take to the boats, lads,
You save your lives.
I've no one to love me;
You've children and wives.
You take to the boats, lads,
Praying to Heaven above,
While I go down in the angry deep
With the ship I love."

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