Sung by: James Clifton Ferrell
Recorded in Memphis, TN 6/30/63

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[Note: The verses are not regular here. The division into four lines is arbitrary.]

There was a young lady;
From London she came,
A pretty fair miss,
Young Sally her name.

Her riches so great
And her honor so high.
Upon this young man
She did scarce cast an eye.

(Comment by Mr. Ferrell: "I'm too low, ain't I?")

"Oh Sally, oh Sally,
Oh Sally," said he,
"Oh Sally, I love you.
Will you marry me?"

"Oh no, I won't marry you,
Or no other man,
For to say that I love you
Is more than I can.

"So drop your attention
And change your discourse,
For I never will marry you
Unless I am forced."

It was in a few weeks
She was taken down sick.
She sent for this young man
To come, and come quick.

He came to her bedside,
Set down on her bed.
"Is the pain in your side, love,
Or the pain in your head?"

"Oh no, true love, no,
You have not guessed right,
For the pain that torments me
Will soon take my life.

"You are the doctor,
Can kill or can cure,
For without your attention,
I'll die, I am sure."

"Oh Sally, oh Sally,
Oh Sally," said he,
"Don't you remember
When I first courted thee?

"I courted for pleasure,
You denied me with scorn,
So now I reward thee
For what's past and gone."

For what's past and gone, love,
Forget and forgive.
Allow me the pleasure
Some longer to live."

"No, I never will marry you,
Whatever I must.
I will dance on your grave, love,
As you lie in the dust."

"Ten thousand times over,"
Regretful said she,
"I freely forgive you,
But you won't forgive me."

(Mr. Ferrell: "I just got that one off somewhere. I started too low and couldn't ever get up high like it ought to be."
Dr. Wolf: "Well, that's a good song."
Mr. Ferrell: "That is a good song.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #40, "Pretty Sally of London"; Belden, p. 111, "A Brave Irish Lady."

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