Sung by: James Clifton Ferrell
Recorded in Memphis, TN 6/30/63

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They gambled their money
Upon old Wild Bill--
Could outrun old Skewball,
A-climbing that hill.

"Oh father, oh father,
At the risk of my life,
I'll win all this money
For you and your wife."

"Oh Randall, oh Randall,
Oh Randall, my son,
Just loosen your bridle
And let your horse run."

The women did holler,
And the children did squall,
Saying, "Ladies, just notice
That noble Skewball."

Old Skewball was a-climbing
That noble high hill.
Looked over my shoulder;
I saw old Wild Bill.

Old Skewball at running
Was never known to fail,
With a chest long and rangy,
And a flax mane and tail.

Old Skewball could jump
Every fence on the place,
A red horse, white stockings,
With a blaze on his face.

(Mr. Ferrell: "That's it."
Dr. Wolf: "Yeah, that's a different tune and different words, too, from what I know.")

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