Sung by: James Clifton Ferrell
Recorded in Memphis, TN 6/30/63

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There was a ma-wa-wan,
That I knew quite we-we-well,
And the story of a he-wee-wee
I'm going to tell-well-ell.

He went down ee-wee-win,
In the fee-wee-wee-wee-wee-wield,
And the rattle of a snee-wy-shee-wy-snake
Bit him on his hee-wy-hee-wy-heel.

He fell down-wown-wown,
Upon the grou-wow-wound,
And he shut his eye-wy-wyes,
And looked aroun-wow-wound.

"Oh, Father dear-wear-wear,
Go tell my gal-wal-wal,
For I will die-wy-wy,
And I know I shall-wal-wal."

Oh, how that ma-wa-wan
Did spread the new-wu-wus,
And here comes Sal-wal-wal
Without her shoo-woo-woos.

"Oh, sweetheart dear-wear-wear,
Why did you com-om-om
Down in the fie-wee-wield
Where the bees all hum-wum-wum?"

"Oh, Sally dear-weer-weer,
I thought you know-wow-wow,
When the hay got ri-wy-wype,
Well, it had to be mow-wow-wowed."

Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #424, "Springfield Mountain"; Brown, Vol. II, #208, "Springfield Mountain"; Belden, p. 299, "Springfield Mountain."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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