Sung by: James Clifton Ferrell
Recorded in Memphis, TN 6/30/63

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Come, all ye people
To de who this am concerning.
Well, I tell where I come from
And where I got my learning.
Well, I came from old Missouri,
Where the big niggers come from.
My name is Pompasmasher;
I'm a second best to none,
And the point about me here,
I would weigh half a ton.

That Jim Scrow,
He's a mighty aptin' scholar.
Well, he tells more lies
Than ever he could swaller.
Well, he says that the sun
Is bigger than the ocean.
. . . gravitation,
Which keeps this world in motion.
Well, they ain't a-gonna 'low him for the liberty
To run around town and talk about me.

This world's made of mud
From the Mississippi River,
And the moon's a heap of green cheese,
Plainly we discover,
And the sun's a ball of foxfire
'Round the world a-flying,
Just to give a little light
When the moon don't rise.

Well, I went down the road,
And I met Davy Crockett.
Says I, "Davy Crockett,
Let's go a-gunning."
We went down the road,
And we saw a squirrel
Setting on a pine knot,
Eating sheep sorrels.

He begin to rock,
And he begin to reel.
Says he, "Pompasmasher,
Let me brace against your heel."
Braced against my heel,
And he let off a shot.
Says I, "Colonel Davy,
You're shooting at a knot.
You black calf, and you do laugh,
And your pinned-back ears and I'll bite you in half."

Taken off my gun,
Laid down my ammunition,
Says I, "Davy Crockett,
I can cool your ambition."
We fought full half a day,
And then conclude to stop it,
For I was badly whipped,
And so was Davy Crockett.
We looked around, and both our heads was missing.
He had bit off mine; I'd swallowed his'n.

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