Sung by: James Clifton Ferrell
Recorded in Memphis, TN 6/30/63

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We stood side by side in the moonlight
On a porch where the jasmines climbed o'er,
And I saw on the face of my sweetheart
A look I'd not seen there before.

Her dark-lashered eyes was full of trouble,
And her little mouth was quivering in pain
As she drew a little ring from her finger
And offered it back to me again.

"Oh Mildred, oh Mildred, my darling,
Lay your dear little hand back in mine,
And remember, before you discard me,
Every thought of my heart, dear, is thine.

"I know of the story that grieves you;
It's as false as a story can be.
It was told that you might learn to doubt me,
And break my sweet promise to you.

"It's the lips that have uttered it are traitors,
Seeking only to ruin our life,
For I swear to you, Mildred, my darling,
I want you alone for my wife."

I bent very low for my answer
As I whispered again, "Shall I go?"
Two dark eyes were hid on my shoulder,
And two shy loving lips answered, "No."

(Dr. Wolf: "I haven't heard that before."
Mr. Ferrell: "I didn't think you'd ever heard that one.")

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