Sung by: James Clifton Ferrell
Recorded in Memphis, TN 6/30/63

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[Note: The words are interspersed with various puffings and guttural breaths.]

(Dr. Wolf: "What is hoodling?"
Mr. Ferrell: "That's it, hoodling (demonstrates 'Possum in a pawpaw patch, picking up pawpaws and putting them in his pocket.')."
Dr. Wolf: "That's hoodling, is it?"
Mr. Ferrell: "Yeah, that's hoodling too, I guess. That's hoodling too.")

Had an old hat,
Had an old crown,
'Long come a puff of wind
And blowed it up and down.

Chorus: Eep, aap, eeng-ang-yeep,
Eeng, ang, yup,
Eeng ang yeep.

. . . Hoodle for a nickel,
Hoodle for a dime,
Give me half a dollar,
Hoodle all the time.


Met an old man,
Very much deef,
Give me a half a dollar,
For singing old leaf.


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