Sung by: Zona Everett
Recorded in Oxley, AR 8/20/59

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"You are going to leave the old home, Jim;
Today you're going away.
You're going among the city folks to dwell,
But if ever you're in trouble, Jim,
Just write and let me know."
She spoke these words, and then she said goodbye.
"If sickness overtakes you,
And old companion shakes you,
As through this world you wander all alone,
And if friends you haven't any,
In your pocket's not a penny,
There's a mother always waiting at home sweet home."

Ten years later to the village
Came a stranger no one knew.
His steps were old, and ragged clothes he wore.
The little children laughed at him
As through the town he went.
At last he stopped before a cottage door.
He gently knocked; no sound he heard.
His thoughts: could she be dead?
At last he heard a voice well known to him.
It was Mother's voice.
Her hair was silvery by the touch of time.
She said, "Thank God, they brought me back my Jim.
Did sickness overtake you?
And old companions shake you?
As through this world you wandered all alone.
And if friends you had not any,
In your pockets not a penny,
There's a mother always waiting at home sweet home."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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