Sung by: Zona Everett
Recorded in Oxley, AR 8/20/59

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We just had been talking--
Not much had been said--
When Grandmother cried,
"Now, . . . , come to your bed."
"Yes, I will, Grandmother,"
I answered in plain.
"So fare-ye-well, Johnny,
Come the next night again."
Through the dawn in little windows,
Those pretty little windows,
As pretty little windows
As ever you saw.

But grandmother being angry,
Hopped out on the floor,
With her hand on the poker,
Right out at the door.
Three great crashes she gave him
Across his poor back,
And another like that
Would have broke his backbone.
With his head in the window,
Stuck fast in the window,
As pretty little window . . .

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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