Sung by: Zona Everett
Recorded in Oxley, AR 8/20/59

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Oh, it was one ee-ly-mee-y-worning,
Bright and cee-y-weer,
That the Johnny went out in the mee-y-weadow
For to mee-y-wow.

Well, he had not mee-y-wowed
More than halfway across the fee-y-wield,
'Til along come a rattle, come a snee-y-wake,
And a bit him on the hee-y-weel.

He fell right dee-y-wown
Upon the gee-y-wound,
And he shut both eee-y-eyes,
And he looked all re-ry-round.

Oh, Daddy dee-y-wear,
Go tell my gee-y-wal,
That I must dee-y-ear,
I know I cee-y-wal.

The good old dee-y-wad,
That boy done nee-y-wose,
And then come cee-y-wal
Without her shee-y-wose.

"Oh, Johnny, dee-y-wear,
Why did you cee-y-wom,
Out in the mee-y-wedow,
For to mee-y-wo."

Oh, Sally dee-y-wear,
Why, don't you nee-y-wo,
When the grass gets ree-ry-ripe,
It was to be mee-y-wowed?"

Come all young mee-y-wen,
And shed a tee-y-wear,
For this young mee-y-wan,
He died right hee-y-weer.

Come all young mee-y-wen,
A warning tee-y-wake,
And never de bee-y-with
The rattle come a snee-y-wake.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #424, "Springfield Mountain"; Brown, Vol. II, #208, "Springfield Mountain"; Belden, p. 299, "Springfield Mountain."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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