Sung by: Jimmy Driftwood

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I once did know two pretty little boys;
Good little boys were they.
Often I would go with them,
Their playmate for to be.

On a Monday morning we'd go to school;
On a Saturday they'd return.
Then they'd shake their long yellow locks
And dance all around the churn.

Said Willie, "Can you toss a ball?
Or can you cast a stone?"
Said Johnny, "You know I am too young.
Dear brother, leave me alone."

Oh, oh-h-h.

Then Willie took out his big long knife;
Its edge was keen and sharp.
Between the long ribs and the short
He pierced little Johnny's heart.

Oh, oh-h-h.

"Johnny, oh Johnny, what have I done?
You know I love you true.
I did not mean to strike so hard.
Oh, Lord, what shall I do?"

"Raise me up," said Johnny boy,
"Raise me up tall and straight.
Now turn me loose and let me go;
They're opening the golden gate."

Oh, oh-h-h.

"Tell my mother when she calls,
'Johnny had a mind to roam.'
Just tell her I'm a-leaving the old campgrounds.
Tell her I'm a-going home.
Tell her I'm a-leaving the old campground;
Tell her I'm a-going home."

Also found in Child, #49; Randolph, Vol. I, #10; Brown, Vol. II, #13; Belden, p. 33.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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