Sung by: W.P. Detherow
Recorded in Batesville, AR 8/27/59

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And she was just down around the corner
Of the street where I reside.
Sweet Rosie O'Grady . . .

(Mr. Detherow: "I believe I can get that. This is 'Rosie O'Grady.'")

Just down around the corner
Of the street where I reside,
There lives the prettiest little girl
That anyone ever spied.
Her name is Rose O'Grady,
And I don't mind telling you
That she's the sweetest little rose
The garden ever grew.

Chorus: Sweet Rosie O'Grady,
My dear little Rose.
She's my steady lady,
'Most everyone knows,
And when we have married,
How happy we'll be.
I love sweet Rosie O'Grady,
And Rosie O'Grady loves me.

I never will forget the day
She promised to be mine,
As we sat telling love tales
In a golden summertime.
It is on her finger
That I place this small engagement ring,
While the little birds in the trees,
This song they begin to sing.


(Mr. Detherow: "I learnt this song in southwest Colorado, near the Long . . . Mountain, where I was helping build a reservoir; and we needed a cook, and I went down to a party at eight mile below there and found an old gentleman and an old lady and two boys . . . two children, one boy and one girl, and I got them a job working on the ditch. They was staying in the hills for the old lady's health; she was an invalid; and the four was fine singers. They were from Utah, and they were Mormons, for the only Mormons I ever was acquainted with. And they sung that song, and they had all the parts, and they really made music out of it. That was in 1900.")

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