Sung by: W.P. Detherow
Recorded in Batesville, AR, 6/25/52

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(Mr. Detherow: "I'm a-gonna sing 'The Sleigh Bells' now. It's where the colored fellow took his girl a-sleigh riding and the mule run away.")

Oh, hear them sleighbells ringing;
The snow am falling fast.
I've got this mule in harness;
I've got him hitched at last.
Miss Liza, get your bonnet;
Come sit down on this seat.
Grab the board you're sitting on,
And cover up them feet.

Chorus: Whoa there, mule;
Whoa there, I say.
Keep your seat, Miss Liza Jane,
Hold on to that sleigh.
Whoa there, I tell you!
Whoa there, I say.
Keep your seat, Miss Liza Jane,
Please let loose of me.

I see as how we're flying;
We ain't got half a load.
Just see a mule that's roomy--
Just give him all the road.
Miss Liza, quit your squalling,
And listen to what I say;
You better help me hold this mule,
Or else he could get away.


See us, how we're sifting;
Look out and see us sail.
Just watch his ears a-flopping,
See him switch his tail.
We're going down to parson's now.
Miss Liza, you keep cool.
Ain't got time to kiss you now;
I'm busy with this mule.


(Mr. Detherow: "I learned this song sixty-five years ago out at what's called the skillet country of Independence County. There's a fellow by the name of Jim Kaisner, big three-hundred-pound man that sung that and picked the guitar with it.")

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