Sung by: W.P. Detherow
Recorded in Batesville, AR, 6/25/52

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(Mr. Detherow: "Now I'm going to sing you several old revival songs, from when the people used to shout way back yonder. Many a times I've saw as many as
. . . high as a hundred to maybe a hundred fifty on the middle of the floor--church floor--all a-shouting and singing these songs at the same time. Sometimes someone would get happy and interrupt the preacher and they'd go to shouting, and they'd take up the rest of the time shouting and singing. This first one is going to be 'Shout Along.'")

Chorus: Shout along and pray along,
You heaven-born soldier.
Shout along and pray along,
And pray by the way.

Pray on, fathers;
Don't grow weary.
Never get tired
Serving of the Lord.

(Chorus, sung twice)

Pray on, mothers;
Don't grow weary.
Never get tired
A-serving of the Lord.

(Chorus, sung twice)

(Mr. Detherow: "They always added the 'Pray on, brothers,' and 'Pray on, Sisters,' and Pray on, classmates,' and kept it on 'til they all got ready to quit, and then they'd jump on another song right immediately and just keep a-singing 'til . . . for hours.)

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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