Sung by: W.P. Detherow
Recorded in Batesville, AR, 6/25/52

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(Mr. Detherow: "This is called 'Sashay Away Your Partner.' The first couple balance to the couple on the right and circle four and the ladies do-si and then they balance to the next 'til you get plumb around.")

Sash-away your partner,
And on a rock-a-lady,
Back into your partner,
And swing them four hands 'round.
Ladies, do-si-do and gents you know, you know,
First by the right, and back by the left,
And balance to the next.
(Repeat stanza)

(Mr. Detherow: "This is repeated until they go plumb around to all the couples. And then the second couple leads through then, and the next time the third couple.")

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