Sung by: W.P. Detherow
Recorded in Batesville, AR, 6/25/52

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(Mr. Detherow: "This is just a little song sung more for the children--a little ditty, you might say.")

Oh, Johnny dear, what made you go
Down in the meadow for to mow?

Chorus: Sing tura lura lura lura
Tura lura lura lay.

Oh, Mother dear, didn't you know
That Grandma's meadow had to be mowed?


I scarce did mow more'n half 'round the field,
Big black snake, it bit me on the heel.


My heel and leg both swelled so fast
That they had to send for the doctor at last.


The doctor came with his knife so sharp;
He cut both legs off up to my heart.


Young men and ladies, this warning you must take,
For this young man got bit by a snake.


Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #424, "Springfield Mountain"; Brown, Vol. II, #208, "Springfield Mountain"; Belden, p. 299, "Springfield Mountain."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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