Sung by: W.P. Detherow
Recorded in Batesville, AR, 6/25/52

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(Recording cuts off before the end of the song.)

As I was a-rambling for pleasure one day,
The sweetest of pleasure to pass the time away--
As I was amusing myself on the grass,
There happened along a fair Indian lass.

She sit down by me; she took me by the hand,
Saying, "You look like a stranger, not one in this land;
And, if you are willing, you're welcome to go.
I live by myself in the coconut grove."

The sun was then setting all on the soft sea,
While I was a-rambling with my lassie Mohee.
Together we rambled, together we roved,
'Til we came to the hut in the coconut grove.

Early next morning at the dawning of day,
To grieve her poor heart those words I did say:
"Fare you well, darling, oh, fare you well, dear;
My ship is now sailing; for home I must steer."

The last time that I saw her, she was on the strand;
As my ship sailed by her, she waved her hand,
Saying, "When you get home to the one you adore,
Just think of the one on the coconut shore."

Now I'm safe--landed on my own native shore;
My friends and relation crowd 'round me once more.
I look all around me; no one can I see
That I can compare with my lassie Mohee.

My lassie Mohee, she was handsome and kind;
She acted her part in the utmost divine.
When I was a stranger, she took me to her home,
And I think of my Mohee when I wander alone.

I never will forget her, no, never can be;
I'll always remember that lassie Mohee.
A many a day has passed and gone;
Still I think of my Mohee when I wander alone.

(Mr. Detherow: "That last verse is one I made myself, the one . . .")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #63, "The Pretty Mohee"; Brown, Vol. II, #110, "Little Mohea"; and Belden, p. 144, "Little Mohea."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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