Sung by: Mrs. W.L. Deal
Recorded in Heber Springs, AR, 7/16/53

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Young people all, both far and near,
A lamentation you shall hear,
Of a young man and his true love,
Whom he adored and praised above.

He was a farmer's youngest son,
And he by love was quite undone.
He courted this lady to be his bride,
And a marriage contract on each side.

When this her parents came to know--
How they did love each other so--
Straightway to the daughter they did say:
"Oh, daughter, you must turn him away."

"I'd live all in the cave alone
And there my true love to know.
He is the one whom I adore,
And will, I'm sure, forever more."

He went one night his true love to see,
Expecting to engage her company.
No sooner than he had entered in,
Her cruel parents did begin.

"Well, my kind sir, you must go away
And that forever to stay.
You must bid our home and all adieu;
Our daughter is too good for you."

Right straightaway this young man did go,
Though a stout heart quick he did show.
But the lady into her chamber went,
And spent the night in discontent.

Her flesh did all reduce away;
Her body also did decay.
And after the doctors did attend,
And much on her they did spend.

"Oh, doctors and medicines are in vain,
For I'm in love and shall remain.
Oh, honored parents, please," said she,
"I long for my true love's dear company."

Right straight away her brother did go
To hunt up her true love once more.
"My sister is reduced below
And wants your company once more."

"Well, madam, what makes you look so pale?
Well, madam, what makes your courage fail?
Your cheeks were once a rosy red,
But now you are as pale as the dead.

"Your eyes were once as black as a crow,
But, madam, I think to the grave you go."
On . . . these words her heart did break,
Crying, "Oh, kind sir, it is for your sake.

"From me you did but go away,
And that forever to stay.
I wish my parents one moment could feel
The woes of life which in me live."

(Spoken comment by Mrs. Deal: "That's all I remember. The last verse--I just can't think of it. I've tried . . .)

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #139, "The Silver Dagger"; Brown, Vol. II, #72, "The Silver Dagger"; Belden, p. 123, "The Silver Dagger."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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