Sung by: Mrs. Ben Daugherty
Recorded in Cave City, AR 8/24/58

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A loving husband held his wife
Close to his throbbing heart.
He says, "My darling one, be brave;
I know it's hard to part.
I'll leave you with my dearest friend
To watch your babe and you."
And softly kissing her goodbye,
Says, "Tom, oh friend, be true."

Their strong arms met in one firm clasp,
Then slowly walked down the lane.
He turned a moment, then turned back
To kiss his wife again.
He found them both in one embrace;
Nell's head on Tom's breast lay.
He gave an agonizing cry,
Sobbily did say:

Chorus: "I've just come back to say goodbye,
Press you to my heart.
Tell you how I loved you once
Again before we part.
I only want to hear your voice
And gaze into your eyes.
I've just come back to kiss your lips,
Then to say goodbye."

It was in a miner's cabin
On hills far away,
A miner sat one evening;
'Twas Jim with his hair turned gray.
His heart called out for his dear wife;
He softly breathed her name.
"I wonder if she thinks of me
Together in her shame?"

A man stood at the open door;
His lips were parched and dry.
"I found you, Jim--I've done no sin--
I know your wife is true.
Your wife is true, she swears to you,
To her Lord above.
I was only wiping away a tear
When you came back to say:


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