Sung by: Mrs. Ben Daugherty
Recorded in Cave City, AR 9/6/61

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While I was out walking
For pleasure one day,
I was thinking of a sweetheart
In my own country.

While I was a-sitting
Along the green grass,
Oh, who should come creeping
But a fair Indian lass.
She came and set by me,
Taking hold of my hand.
“Oh, you look like a stranger,
Not one of our band.”

I says, “Pretty maiden,
Come tell me your name,
For I am a stranger,
And you are the same.”
“Oh,” she says, “I’m an Indian,
Light heart and so free.
I’m known all this country
As the Isle of Mohee.”

While I was sitting
Along the green grass,
A kiss I received from
That fair Indian girl.
She asked me to wed her,
For she loved me so dear.
Oh, roving no more,
Has a . . .

I says, “Pretty maiden,
Oh, this never can be,
For I have a sweetheart
In my own country.
I’ll never forsake her,
Long as her heart proves true to me,
For her heart beats as light
As the Isle of Mohee.”

Next morning, next morning,
At the dawning of day,
It grieved her heart to
Hear what I say.
“I’m going to leave you,
So fare you well, my dear.
My ship is at anchor,
And home I must go.”

Oh, the last time I seen her,
She stood on the sand.
As I turned my boat from her,
She waved her small hand,
Saying, “When you get home
To the girl that you love,
Oh, please tell her
Of little Mohee.”

(Comment by Mrs. Daugherty: “That’s as much as I know of that.”)

Now, I am safe landed
On my own native shore.
Kind friends and relations
Stand around me once more.
I look all about me;
No face can I see
That will do to compare
With little Mohee.

So I’m going back
To the fair Indian girl.
I’m going to make her
My bride.
I’ll travel no more,
And the trouble I’ll succeed,
But I’ll learn the language
Of Little Mohee.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #63, “The Pretty Mohee”; Brown, Vol. II, #110, “Little Mohea”; and Belden, p. 144, “Little Mohea.”

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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