Sung by: Mrs. Ben Daugherty
Recorded in Cave City, AR 8/24/58

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Frankie was a good girl,
And everybody knows
She had a drunken husband
Whose name was Albert Lee.
He was her man,
But he wouldn't stay at home.

Went to the barroom
To get a glass of beer.
Oh, she says to the barman,
"And has my man been here?
He's my man,
And he won't stay at home."

Barman says to Frankie,
"I'll tell you no lie.
Your man's gone and left you
With a girl named Rosie Wright.
He's your man,
And he ought to stay at home."

She went down the sidewalk;
She did not go for fun.
Carried under her apron
A forty-four smoking gun
For poor Albert
That wouldn't stay at home.

"Roll me over, Frankie,
And roll me over slow.
Roll me over, Frankie,
This bullet hurts me so.
For a while,
Then I'll go home."

Rubber-tired buggy,
She decorated her hat
To haul Albert to the cemetery,
But she could not bring him back.
He was her man,
But he done her wrong.

Had two little children,
The boy, the other a girl.
She says to the children,
"You'll see your papa no more.
He's your papa,
But he wouldn't stay at home."

Sheriff got Frankie
And he put her on the stand.
Says, "Kill you another man
That won't stay at home.
That won't stay at home,
That won't stay at home."

(The following verse was recorded separately.)

She went to Chicago;
She went on the morning train.
She paid eighty dollars
For Albert a watch and chain.
He was her man,
But he wouldn't stay at home.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. II, #159, "Frankie and Johnny"; Brown, Vol. II, #251, "Frankie and Albert"; Belden, p. 330, "Frankie and Albert."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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