Sung by: Mrs. Ben Daugherty
Recorded in Cave City, AR 8/10/58

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I knowed a girl--her name was Kate--
I loved her as hard as I could.
To ask her to marry me I was afraid;
I didn't know whether she would.

I put on my Sunday best,
And oh, my sweetheart to see.
The dear little darling was out of her rest,
At the gatepost waiting for me.

We talked, we talked,
And we just kept on talking,
But the very main words that I wanted to say
Kept sticking tight down in my throat.

At last it was growing so awful late,
I picked up the courage and said,
"'Tween me and you and the gatepost, Kate,
It's a very fine night o'er our head."

Last it was growing so very late,
I asked her just how it would be,
"'Tween me and you and the gatepost, Kate,
Would you marry a fellow like me?"

Down came her hand on my Sunday best;
She gently taken hold of my hand.
"Dear Johnny, dear Johnny, I love you the best
Of anyone else in the land."

"I'm so glad the time's gone by,
I hope it won't be no more.
'Tween me and you and the gatepost, Johnny,
Why haven't you asked me before?"

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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