Sung by: Mrs. Claude Collie
Recorded in Mountain Home, AR, 7/17/52

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My dears, do you know how, a long time ago,
Two poor little babes, whose names I don't know,
Were stolen away on a bright summer's day
And lost in the woods, so I have heard say?

And when it was night, how sad was their plight;
The sun it went down, and the moon gave no light.
They sighed, and they sighed, and they bitterly cried.
Then the poor little things, they laid down and died.

And when they were dead, the robin so red
Brought pretty green leaves and over them spread;
And all the night long, they sang this song:
"Poor babes in the woods, poor babes in the woods."

Also found in Randolph, Vol. I, #92; Brown, Vol. II, #147.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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