Composed and read by Mrs. Rhoda Coleman
Recorded in Cord, AR, 8/21/57

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Where the roses bloom by the roadside
In a sunny country lane,
The mockingbird's singing his sweetest
To his mate in the nest once again.

He's singing of sunshine and flowers,
Of hawthorn with buds white as snow,
And fronds of the wild fern clinging
To the soft sweet earth all aglow.

He visions a nest filled with darlings,
So tiny, so tender, so small.
Oh, the world's running over with gladness;
There is no sorrow at all.

Sing ho for the beautiful springtime,
When south winds murmur low.
There's nothing so sweet as the wild bird's call,
Or the violets 'neath the snow.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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