Sung by: Joseph A. Chadwick
Recorded in Oxley, AR 8/20/59

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(Dr. Wolf: "Well, first tell who you are."
Mr. Chadwick: "Huh?"
Dr. Wolf: "Tell who you are."
??: "Your name."
Mr. Chadwick: "J.A. . . . Joseph A. Chadwick."
Dr. Wolf: "All right. Give your address . . . where you live."
Mr. Chadwick: "Oxley."
Dr. Wolf: "And how old are you?"
Mr. Chadwick: "Ninety-eight, I will be in October."
Dr. Wolf: "Tell when your birthday was."
Mr. Chadwick: "October the nineteenth."
Dr. Wolf: "This is August the 20th, 1959. All right, you ready to sing?"
Mr. Chadwick: "Huh?"
Dr. Wolf: "You ready to sing?"
Mr. Chadwick: "Oh, I'm always ready to sing."
Dr. Wolf: "All right. Cut loose."
Mr. Chadwick: "What is it you want, . . .?"
Dr. Wolf: "That's right. That's exactly what I want.")

As down in the valley,
Where . . .
There's no confusion,
. . . in the sky.
Perfumery of Eden
As they wrote,
As voices of angels
Chant in the sky.
Come . . .
To glory arise
The King of this world,
And the child of the sky.

Mr. Chadwick: "My breath give out."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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