Sung by: Mary Frances (Mrs. G.H.) Caldwell
Recorded in Pine Bluff, AR 11/10/62

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In a quiet little cottage
Lived a farmer and his wife.
She was young and rich with beauty--
Sunshine of her husband's life--
But a snake crept in their Eden,
In the guise of a trusted friend,
And the true . . . fond memory,
Came they to a fatal end.
One night when he reached his homestead,
His fond heart was turned to stone.
She, the wife he loved so dearly,
With his dearest friend had flown.
She left the man who loved her for another,
She who was the sunshine of his life.
Her vows of faith and beauty she'd forgotten,
Broke the link that made them man and wife.

(Mrs. Caldwell: "Now, that's all I can think of."
Dr. Wolf: "Do you know the name of it?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "No . .")

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