Sung by: Mary Frances (Mrs. G.H.) Caldwell
Recorded in Pine Bluff, AR 11/10/62

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While walking down the street one day
Upon a pleasure bent--
Was at the business hours of the day--
I met a girl who shrank from me,
In whom I recognized
A schoolmate in a village far away.
"Is that you, Madge," I said to her.
She quickly turned away.
"Don't turn from me, Madge, for I'm still your friend.
Next week I'm going back to see
The old folks, and I thought perhaps
Some message you would like to send."

"Just tell them that you saw me;
They will know the rest.
Tell them I was looking well, you know,
And whisper, if you get a change,
To Mother dear and say
I love her as I did long, long ago."

"Your face looks thin; your cheeks are pale.
Come, tell me, are you ill?
When last we met, your eyes shone clear and bright.
Come home with me, Madge, when I go;
The change will do you good.
Your mother wonders where you are tonight."
"I'd like to see them all again,
But not just now," she said.
Trial alone is keeping me away.
Just tell them not to worry,
For I'm all right, you know.
Tell Mother dear I'm coming home someday."

(??: "We never do know what happened to her."
Dr. Wolf: "And you learned that in Missouri?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "No, I learned that down here somewhere in Arkansas. I don't know."
Dr. Wolf: "But you learned 'Wedding Bells' up in Missouri, huh?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "Yes, I think I learned it . . .")

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