Sung by: Mary Frances (Mrs. G.H.) Caldwell
Recorded in Pine Bluff, AR 11/10/62

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A crowd of young fellows one night at a club
Were telling of the sweethearts they had,
All of them jolly excepting one youth;
He seemed downhearted and sad.
"Come, Ned, won't you join us,"
His comrades, they said,
"For surely some girl has loved you."
Raising his head, proudly he said,
"Why, boys, I'm in love with two."

"One has hair of silvery gray;
The other is just like gold.
One is gay and youthful;
The other is bent and old.
But dearer than life are they both to me.
From me they'll ne'er part.
One is my mother, God bless her; I love her.
The other is my sweetheart."

"My sweetheart, you see, is a poor working girl,
But still I'm determined to wed.
Father says, 'No, it can never be so.
Don't; marry an heir instead.'
'But Mother, you know just as well as I,
When Father first met you, you was poor.'
'Ned, don't fret; she'll be your wife yet.
Father'll consent, I'm sure.'"

(Dr. Wolf: "Oh, that's a good little song. Where'd you learn it?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "Oh, I learned that when I was just a kid. I don't know."
Dr. Wolf: "Is that a Missouri song or an Arkansas song?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "How's that?"
Dr. Wolf: "Is that Missouri or Arkansas."
Mrs. Caldwell: "I guess that must be a Missouri one. I don't . . .")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. IV, #864, "Two Sweethearts."

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