Sung by: Mary Frances (Mrs. G.H.) Caldwell
Recorded in Pine Bluff, AR 11/10/62

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(Comment by Mrs. Caldwell: "My Daddy had a good voice, and he loved to sing."
??: "Well, how about that 'Handwriting on the Wall'?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "Oh, that's what I was trying to think of. Are you ready for that? Well, this song I have heard my father sing when I was a little girl.")

At the feast of Belshazzar
And a thousand of his lords,
As they drank from golden vessels,
The Book of Truth records,
In the night of the rebel
In the royal palace hall,
They were seized with consternation
Said the hand upon the wall.

Chorus: It's the hand of God on the wall,
The hand of God on the wall.
Shall the record be found wanting,
Or shall it be found trusting,
While that hand is writing on the wall?

See the brave Captain Daniel
As he stood before the throne
And rebuked the haughty monarch
For their mighty deeds of wrong.
As he read out the writing,
'Twas the doom of one and all,
For the kingdom now was finished,
Said the hand upon the wall.


(Mrs. Caldwell: "That's all I remember of it, but there might be more."
Dr. Wolf: "Let's see. Your father was a minister, you said?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "He was a Methodist minister.")

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