Sung by: Mary Frances (Mrs. G.H.) Caldwell
Recorded in Pine Bluff, AR 11/10/62

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On a dark stormy night,
As the train ran along,
All the passengers had gone to bed
Except a young man
With a babe in his arms.
He sat with a bowed-down head.
The little one began
Crying just then
As if its poor heart would break.
An angry man said,
"Make that child stop its noise.
It's keeping us all awake."

"Where is its mother?
Go take it to her."
Relating, he softly said.
"I wish that I could,"
Said the man in reply,
"But she's dead in the coach ahead."
Train rolled on;
The husband sat in tears,
Thinking of the happiness of just a few short years.
Baby's face brings pictures
Of a cherished hope that's dead.
Baby's cries can't awaken her in the baggage coach ahead.

Everyone then arose
To assist with the child.
There were husbands and wives on the train.
Soon the little one
Was sleeping in peace,
Free from all sorrow and pain.
Next morning he bade
Them all goodbye.
"God bless you," he softly said.
Each one in their home
Had a story to tell
Of the baggage coach ahead.

(Dr. Wolf: "That's good. Where'd you learn that?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "Oh, I can't tell you. I don't . . . I just acquired them, I reckon. I don't know where I learned these songs."
Dr. Wolf: "I was interested in what you said about your father telling you all to come out on the porch and sing at night."
Mrs. Caldwell: "Yes, he would tell us . . . He'd say, "Come on out here now and sing awhile."
Dr. Wolf: "And the whole family'd go sing, huh?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "Yes. There was a big bunch of us. Nine, nine children."
Dr. Wolf: "How many?"
Mrs. Caldwell: "Nine, um hm.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. IV, #704.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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