(Original composition)
Composed and sung by: Mr. W.P. Burke
Recorded in Heber Springs, AR, 7/16/53

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There's a cool and soothing breeze,
And it's whispering to the leaves--
To the oak and the tall, slender pine.
While the mockingbird will sing
And its glorious music ring
O'er the Ozark Mountains with a chime.

Chorus: Oh, this rough and rugged land,
Where the king of pinery stand,
Where the crystal brooks go rippling o'er the lea.
'Tis the home of health and love,
Heaven's sunshine from above.
Hark, I hear the Ozark Mountains calling me.

Where the big red apples grow,
Swinging in the twilight glow,
Where the grapes in clusters hanging on the vine;
Where the peaches bend the limb,
Berries ripening on the stem--
Yes, the Ozark Mountain famous fruit is fine.


Where the wild flowers brings a thrill,
Gently nodding on the hill.
How could nature bring more beauty to mine eye?
Where the speckled fishes play
In the streams that flows away--
Oh, the Ozarks Mountain streams that never die.


I may travel far and wide
On the land and on the tide,
I may visit famous mountains 'cross the sea,
But where'er my lot may fall
I can always hear that call--
Hear them grand old Ozark Mountains calling me.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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