Sung by: Earl Blair
Recorded in Pleasant Grove, AR 7/15/52

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I went out to a nigger crap game;
'Twas against my will.
Those coons got all my money
Except one greenback dollar bill.
With a hundred-dollar bid upon the table,
That nigger's point was nine.
About that time, the cop came through the door.
Then I got mine.
I got mine, boys,
I got mine.
I grabbed that hundred-dollar bill;
From the window I did climb.
Ever since, I've been a-wearing good clothes
And a-living on a chicken and a wine--
A leader of society,
Since I got mine.

I took my girl to the restaurant.
Well, I went in there to dine.
Only had a fifteen cents
And full of good white wine.
We eat everything we saw.
I told them it was fine.
I handed over that a fifteen cents,
And I got mine.
I got mine, boys,
I got mine.
He used me for a football;
At kicking he was fine.
He kicked me through the window;
I got there just in time.
Policeman took me to the judge,
And I got mine.

I went to get some chickens;
The night was very fine.
Those fowls were roosting very high,
And for them I did climb.
A bulldog came prowling around;
He got there just in time.
The rascal got me by the seat of the pants,
And I got mine.
He got mine, boys,
He got mine.
The rascal took my britches;
He did it very fine.
I went home in a barrel;
I got there just in time
By using Dr. Brown's salve
Where he got mine.

Also found in Brown, Vol. III, #52, "I Got Mine."

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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