Sung by: Earl Blair
Recorded in Pleasant Grove, AR, 7/19/52

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He was lonely and sad; he was far from home;
Weary within he was lying.
A brave engineer, he had saved his train,
Yet we knew he would soon be dying.

He took my hand as he faintly smiled,
And he said, "Oh, comrades and brothers,
I was true to the last and I saved them all.
Break it gently to my mother.

"Goodbye, my mother, ever dear;
Sister, you loved your brother.
Comrades, I'll take a last farewell;
Break it gently to my mother.

"I shall never again run a flying train
Past hillsides and dales in their beauties.
I must bid you farewell, don't you hear the bell?
It calls you back to duty.

"But tell them all when you've made your run,
Tell them this, oh, comrades and brothers:
I was true to the last and I saved my train;
Break it gently to my mother."

(Spoken annotation by Wolf: "That was 'The Dying Engineer,' sung by Earl Blair, and the guitars were played by Earl Blair and Bob Blair. Bob is Earl Blair's son. They live at Pleasant Grove, Arkansas.")

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