Sung by: Earl Blair
Recorded in Pleasant Grove, AR 7/15/52

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When I met my little darling Daisy
Down by the garden wall,
I was walking beneath the trees so shady,
Going for a twilight call.
She was sleeping on a bed of roses,
Dreaming of the by-and-by,
And the little birds around were singing
Up among the branches high.

Chorus: She's my darling Daisy;
Her smile could set you crazy.
We love to dance among the roses
Down by the garden wall.
'Tis there I love to meet my Daisy
When I make a twilight call.

How I love to sing and dance with Daisy
Down by the garden wall,
For she turns about so light and airy,
You never hear a footstep fall.
If you want to see a dark-eyed beauty,
Bright as the stars that shine,
You may come along with me some evening,
And see that pretty girl of mine.


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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