Sung by: Mrs. Nettie Huddleston Barnes
Recorded in Pfeiffer, AR 8/23/61

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(Comment by Mrs. Barnes: “My father . . . He said he thought of the last verse, and he’d tell me, but he got down to Little Rock and got his car broke, and he ain’t been up since.”
Dr. Wolf: “All right. Sing what you know of that.”)

This wagon, ‘twas a noble one.
‘Twas made in seventy-six.
‘Twas driven by George Washington,
Through stormy politics.

And northern oak and eastern pine
And western ash was bound,
Palmetto and cottonwood
In every wheel was found.
Wait for the wagon,
Wait for the wagon,
Wait for the wagon,
And we’ll all take a ride.

(Comment by Mrs. Barnes: “Now, I don’t know the last verse of that.”)

Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #563, “Wait For the Wagon.”

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