Sung by: Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Ash
Recorded in Evening Shade, AR 6/30/59

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A maiden and a lad one day
Were standing in a lane.
The lad was going far away;
They would not meet again.
She had been his sweetheart
'Til a stranger came one day.
He won her love and broke her heart,
And she was led astray.
He whispered to her sadly,
"You know I loved you so.
You were my only sweetheart
Since the days of long ago.
I could have borne the sorrow
Had they told me you were dead.
I never can forgive you now,
But I love you still," he said.

Chorus: "You can never be a girl of mine again,
Though the parting fills my heart with pain.
You were to be my wife,
But you blighted all my life.
You can never be a girl of mine again."

The maiden slowly turned away
And walked on down the lane.
Her heart was nearly breaking,
And her head was bowed with shame.
Two schoolmates of her childhood days
Silently passed her by.
"They do not even know me now,"
She murmured with a sigh.
Her weary footsteps wandered
To the pool beside the mill.
"There's no one left to love me now.
I'll plunge and all will still."
The water closed above her
And went rippling on their way.
The birds were singing in the trees
And sadly seemed to say:


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