Sung by: Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Ash
Recorded in Evening Shade, AR 6/30/59

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All was joy and splendor;
Happiness and gay
Were the scenes upon the racetrack
On the derby day.
Mounted on a gelding,
A horse they named Syree,
Was the people's favorite,
The little boy in green.

Chorus: Little boy in colors green,
A lad with golden hair.
A pair of bright blue eyes
Shone from a face so fair.
The people cheered when he appeared,
For they had never seen
So fair a face to enter a race
As the little boy in green.

Seated in the grandstand,
Among the rich and grand,
Sat a widowed mother,
Waiting for her lad.
Her only son a jockey,
Though in tender years,
Bring her many a sorrow,
Bring her many a tear.
The music ceased its playing,
The bugle echoed loud,
And to the post the horses came,
Before the yelling crowd.
There there was a-shouted,
And there in front was seen
The lad the widow waited for,
The little boy in green.


See the dashing horses,
What a pretty sight.
Silken colors flashing
In the bright sunlight.
Gracious God above us--
The leading horse has fell.
And others crushed beneath their feet
The lad we love so well.
The mangled form and helpless lad
Was carried through the crowd
To where the widowed mother sat.
"Pray, save my boy," aloud.
"Hear my cry, my little lad.
Your mother's with you, Gene."
But all in vain,
For no answer came
From the little boy in green.


(Dr. Wolf: "Well, that's a new one on me.")

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