(Play party)
Sung by: Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Ash
Recorded in Evening Shade, AR 8/15/58

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Chorus: Hi jim along, jim alonga Josie,
Hi jim along, jim along Joe.

Any pretty girl here, hasn't got a beau,
Fall in the arms of James or Joe.


Hung my jawbone in the tree;
The girls wouldn't let my jawbone be.


Had an old cow and I milked her in a gourd.
Every time she kicked, I slapped her with a board.


Had a little dog and he hadn't any sense.
The darned little fool kept a-barking at the fence.


Had an old rooster; he wouldn't say his prayers.
Kept a-singing little tune to the hens upstairs.


(Mrs. Ash: "Now, this is played almost like "Jumbo Through the Window," only they go in a circle all the time that they're singing, and when they allemande left, before they sing "Hi jim along," why, they allemande left, and then they change partners and go on each time. When they sing "Hi jim along," why, that's the end of that part of the play. And then it's just in rotation all the time.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #575, "Jim Along Josie."

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