Sung by: Mr. F.E. Ash
Recorded in Evening Shade, AR 6/30/59

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I am longing so sadly, I'm longing
For the flowers that have blossomed and fled,
For the hopes that about me were thronging,
That at last are all withered and dead.
Beauties I thought ne'er would perish
One by one vanished away.
There is nothing on earth that would cherish,
Is lovely and true that will stay.

Chorus: Flitting, flitting away,
All that we cherish most dear.
There is nothing on earth that will stay,
For roses must die with the year.

Their eyes that with brightness were beaming,
Their lips that our own often met,
That the mind of the grave is now dimming,
That in silence unbroken I'll set.
Sadly we long for their greeting;
Tender and true they have proved.
Oh, the heart the smoothest in its beating
Are the ones we most earnestly love.


Tints of all that are rarest,
Fade as upon them we gaze.
Oh, the hours that are brightest and fairest
Soon are hid in the lost yesterdays.


Far away where the summers are sleeping,
And the beautiful dreams of the past,
And our eyes are grown weary with weeping
For the pleasures we fancied might last.
Lovingly, longingly sighing,
Over their ashes we weep,
While the roses around us are dying,
And the moments so speedily flit.


All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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