Sung by: Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Ash
Recorded in Evening Shade, AR 6/30/59

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Raise my pillow up, oh Martha;
Sister Martha, you are kind.
Come and stand along beside me,
Ere I leave you all behind.

Sister Martha, are you near me?
Has the moon gone down so soon?
Oh, this cell seems cold as winter,
Though I know it is but June.

Out of all that used to love me,
Who will weep when I am dead?
Only you, dear Sister Martha;
Keep your last watch o'er my bed.

Oh, my father and my mother,
Will you not forget the past,
When you hear some stranger telling
How your stray lamb died at last?

Hark, I hear some heavenly music
Through the midnight drear and dim,
And I hear those joy bells pealing
As I float away with Him.

Sisters in their white beds lying,
Sleeping in the pale moonlight,
Oh, to you there comes no message;
Clara dies alone tonight.

Oh, my hand so cold and frozen--
Once it was so soft and white,
And the ring that falls down from it,
Clasped my finger once so tight.

Little ring, they thought so worthless
That they let me keep it here,
Only a plain little golden circle
With a lock of Douglas' hair.

Douglas, Douglas, I am coming--
Where thou art, I too am there.
Freed at last, I come, my dearest;
Death gives back your little Clare.

Also found in Randolph, Vol. IV, #706; Belden, p. 218.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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